Life is too short to be overwhelmed and uninspired.

Are you tired and stressed out from trying to hold it all together? Do you have a mission on your heart that you’re longing to fulfill? Are you uncertain, lonely and not sure what to do next? We can relate! If you are ready to reconnect with your purpose, advance your mission, and nurture what’s meaningful, then we are here for you! Why scrape by when you were meant to prosper!



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For mission-hearted women who are seriously ready to make an impact and a living:

Are you ready to make the impact you've been called to make in a bigger way? This is YOUR time to move forward with purpose and a plan. You are meant to PROSPER and my mission is to help you do that!

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    I met with Esther to help me get all my ideas on paper and get direction for what I was wanting for my business. She allowed me to tell her everything I wanted to do and helped me develop a plan and create a clearer message. She has a deep reservoir of skills and experience to pull from with many creative solutions to help. Whether it’s to start a new business, start blogging, send out a newsletter, write better copy for your website, or if you just need someone to hear your vision and work her magic to get you to your goals, Esther is a great partner and coach.
    Kathy Stahl, LMT
    Massage 360
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    Esther is a master motivator and makes it her mission to support the dreams and goals of others; mentoring them and holding them accountable so that they can truly live up to their potential as an entrepreneur or professional.
    Teresa Berger
    Entrepreneur and Author
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    If you need help creating engaging content that will make people sit up and pay attention, then you need to contact Esther Hughes. Esther has a way with words that I could never do no matter how many thesauruses I had! Esther wrote sales copy for a workshop that I held. The copy was vivid and created a compelling image so the reader really understood the offer.
    Linda Waterhouse
    WSI Web Systems